Ethereum Smart Contract Security Audits

Cyfrin provides industry-leading Ethereum smart contract security audits chosen by some of the biggest decentralized protocols and infrastructure providers.
Trusted by the biggest protocols
The Ecosystem


Ethereum is a decentralized, open source, and distributed computing platform (blockchain) that enables the creation of smart contracts and decentralized applications, also known as dapps.

Smart contracts are computer protocols that facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation and performance of a digital agreement. For instance, a smart contract could be used to represent a legal contract emulating the logic of contractual clauses or a financial contract specifying responsibilities of the counterparts and automated flows of value.

Why us?
The world's biggest Ethereum protocols and projects rely on Cyfrin to improve the security of their codebase and users. Thanks to an industry-leading team of smart contract security researchers and engineers with a proven track record of uncovering critical vulnerabilities in targets already protected by dedicated security reviews, Cyfrin brings state-of-the-art technology, in-depth protocol expertise, cutting-edge Ethereum smart security audits, and the highest security standards to protocols and projects built on Ethereum.
Enhance the security of your protocol
Trusted by the world's biggest protocols, we only involve lead researchers for the highest security standards.
Level up your engineering team
Our security engineers will work with your team to improve your code to the best security practices.
Establish trust with your users
Smart contract audits are vital in communicating maturity and safety to your users.
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The Process

Our auditing process

We'll walk you through every step of the process, setting you up for success during and after the review.


Setup timelines and onboarding
Our engineers will estimate the timeline based on codebase complexity and size and open a line of communication.


Lock commit hash & start date
We agree on a start date and a commit hash to base our audit. To get the most out of an audit, it is recommended that this commit hash not change during the audit.


Audit begins
Our engineers will spend the allotted time on your contracts. We strongly recommend keeping an open communication channel between us and your engineers during this process.


Initial Report
The initial report will explain each issue categorized as High, Medium, Low or Informational. A call will be set up for your engineers to ask questions about the findings.


Your engineers will have a chance to mitigate the findings using the recommendations in the report.


Final Report
Once the mitigations have been applied, our engineers will check them and amend the issues on the report as "Acknowledged" or "Resolved" with any necessary extra information.

We’re making protocols safer— but don’t just take our word for it

Here's a sneak peek into our previous audits and how we've helped secure tens of billions of dollars across chains and protocols.
Oku Trade
Oku Trade
It was a pleasure to work with the Cyfrin team. Their approach to security and meticulous testing is exceptionally thorough. Additionally, their intimate knowledge of the Chainlink protocol made them particularly useful for our audit.
Getty Hill, Oku Trade Founder
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After working with several auditors, Cyfrin's attention to detail and obsession over breaking our system made us feel confident they're some of the best security researchers in the industry.
Corey Caplan, Dolomite (Chainlink BUILD Program)
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DeXe DAO logo
We focused on areas where testing was weak, where integration between components was not tested very well, and where there was a great amount of complexity.
Dacian, Cyfrin Auditor
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What is a


smart contract audit?

An Ethereum smart contract audit involves a detailed analysis of the contract's code performed by one or multiple smart contract security researchers to identify security issues, vulnerabilities, and inefficient code and determine ways to mitigate the findings. The audit process is a crucial part of enhancing the security and reliability of blockchain applications, Ethereum protocols, and their users. Security isn't a single sprint effort but a continuous improvement journey. Cyfrin is committed to giving protocols built on Ethereum all the tools they need to walk it.

Secure your protocol today

Join some of the biggest protocols and companies in creating a better internet. Our security researchers will help you throughout the whole process.