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Written by
Cyfrin Team
Published on
May 10, 2024

Cyfrin Launches Smart Contract Courses and Security Audits to Support Projects and Developers on zkSync

Cyfrin supports projects and developers on zkSync in accessing high-quality public and private audits as well as top-notch smart contract development and security courses

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We’re happy to announce that Cyfrin will collaborate closely with Matter Labs to launch extensive learning and security resources for builders on the zkSync ecosystem.

Cyfrin will support projects and developers building on zkSync in accessing high-quality public and private audits as well as top-notch smart contract development and security courses.

“Cyfrin’s curriculum covers two critical areas of the long-term growth of zkSync; on the one hand, their resources for both new and existing developers provide a fantastic platform to spark innovation and greater builder activity. On the other hand, Cyfrin’s deep emphasis on security through competitive and private audits, and their repository of security resources ensures that builders are equipped with a security-first mindset. Cyfrin will definitely help grow the security community.

Innovation without ever compromising on security is part of the DNA of Matter Labs, and we are thrilled to see teams like Cyfrin sharing these values.” - Anthony Rose, Chief Technology Officer of Matter Labs.

How Cyfrin supports projects building on zkSync

Cyfrin brings world-class smart contract security audits, tools, and education to thousands of users, partners, and blockchain protocols. We combine leading security researchers, engineers, and educators to enhance the security and knowledge of some of the top organizations worldwide through private security audits and:

  • Cyfrin CodeHawks is an industry-leading competitive audit platform that protects protocols, users, and funds through security reviews performed by top auditors and Cyfrin’s community.
  • Cyfrin Updraft: smart contract development learning platform with 70+ hours of step-by-step project-based smart contract development and security courses taught by the world's top blockchain engineers, security researchers, and educators. Completely for free.
  • Solodit: Learn, review, and aggregate over 8000+ smart contract security reports from the world's top smart contract auditing companies. Aggregating security vulnerabilities, bounties, contests, and resources from blockchain security firms.

Cyfrin is providing the projects building on its ecosystem with access to high-quality and chain-specific learning resources and supported access to public and private smart contract audits to enhance the security and long-term sustainability of the ecosystem.

About zkSync

zkSync is the industry-leading zero-knowledge EVM-based rollup powering hundreds of protocols worldwide and designed to resolve Ethereum scalability issues, to make Ethereum faster and cheaper to use.

Curated by Matter Labs and in production since 2020, fully dedicated to providing a decentralized, trustless, reliable, hyper-scalable, accessible, and censorship-resistant ecosystem, zkSync leverages zero-knowledge proofs to enable fast, secure, and cost-effective transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, significantly reducing gas costs without sacrificing security or user control.

“Matter Labs' mission of scaling blockchains in a secure, reliable manner while maintaining an uncompromising commitment to decentralization and credible neutrality is a mission that Cyfrin is fully aligned with. zkSync's roadmap brings about the next evolution of the Ethereum ecosystem: onboarding orders of magnitude more usage. We are very excited to contribute towards that mission by helping onboard developers and protocols onto the platform in a security-conscious way.” - Alex Roan, Chief Technology Officer at Cyfrin

Learn more about zkSync and its ecosystem by visiting

About Cyfrin

Founded in 2023, the Cyfrin ecosystem brings world-class smart contract security audits, competitions, tools, and education to hundreds of thousands of users and some of the world’s biggest blockchain protocols.

With over $10B TVL audited, the team is home to some of the best smart contract security researchers, with professionals from backgrounds like Chainlink, Alchemy, Aragon, WorldCoin, Microsoft, and Google, offering smart contract security audits on zkSync and other EVM chains.

Working with some of the world’s biggest protocols, such as Swell, Ondo, and Chainlink BUILD, Cyfrin also powers some of the industry-leading security auditing tools, like Cyfrin Aderyn, Solodit, and CodeHawks.

Learn more about Cyfrin and its ecosystem by visiting

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