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Written by
Pari Tomar
Published on
March 3, 2024

Smart Contract Security Auditor Salary Guide 2024

With an average of $105k per year, smart contract auditor salaries range between $33k and $200k, recently rising as blockchain protocols demand more security,

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As Web3 continues to expand, the salaries for Smart Contract Auditors are seeing a significant hike and with them, the open positions for blockchain auditor jobs. But exactly how much do they earn?

The collapse of several cryptocurrency giants and numerous hacks in Web3 have increased the demand for smart contract auditors.

Depending on various factors, these auditors can earn anywhere from $33K to $200K (~$20k per month, spread across a year).

In this article, we will explore the average smart contract auditor salary and understand how and why they could vary.

But before discussing finances, it's crucial to understand what Smart Contract Auditing is and why there is a huge need for auditors.

What is Smart Contract Auditing?

Decentralized applications, built on blockchain technology, are completely immutable and cannot be altered. This means that if there is a code vulnerability, users’ funds are at risk and there is no way to recover them.

Unfortunately, DeFi has already lost over $5 Billion to hack to date.

Graph of the total value locked hacked in defi from the smart contract auditor salary article

This is why we have smart contract auditing. A smart contract audit involves a detailed analysis of a protocol’s smart contract code to identify security vulnerabilities, poor coding practices, and inefficient code before identifying solutions to these issues.

During a smart contract audit, a team of blockchain security experts review the code, logic, architecture, and security measures of the application to identify any potential issues using both automated and manual processes.

They specifically look for any areas of code that could be vulnerable to malicious attacks, as well as any areas for improvement.

With the increasing number of smart contract hacks, there is a growing demand for smart contract auditors too.

Now that we have a better understanding of what smart contract auditing is and why there is an increased demand for it, let's understand how much they are getting paid and how the average blockchain auditor salary looks like.

Smart Contract Security Auditor Salary - How much auditors make?

The average global salary of a junior smart contract auditor is $105K per year. This can vary from $33K to over $200K annually.

average smart contract auditor salaries how much do auditors make?

But this is not the final answer. The salary of blockchain auditors are usually influenced by 4 major factors:

  • Experience Level: Salaries can differ a lot depending on whether the auditor is an entry-level auditor or a senior auditor with years of experience.
  • Region: Major cities like San Francisco, New York, and Singapore generally offer higher salary ranges compared to smaller cities or remote areas.
  • Company Size: Larger auditing companies with more resources often pay higher salaries than smaller startups or mid-sized firms.
  • Industry: The specific industry you're working in can also affect the auditor’s salary.

These factors significantly impact the salaries of smart contract auditors. To get a more nuanced understanding, let's break down how experience levels and regions can affect these earnings.

Smart Contract Auditor Salary Based on Experience Level

Salaries for smart contract auditors vary significantly depending on experience level. Auditors with more experience generally earn higher salaries than those who are new to the field.

1. Entry-Level Smart Contract Auditor Salary

For those starting their careers in smart contract auditing, the salary ranges typically fall between $50K - $80K per year. These individuals often have limited professional experience but may possess relevant certifications and academic qualifications

2. Mid-Level Blockchain Auditor Salary

With a few years of experience, mid-level blockchain auditors can expect a salary range of $80K to $120K per year.

3. Senior-Level Smart Contract Auditor Salary

screenshot with conversation between two smart contract auditors regarding potential salary

Senior auditors with extensive experience and expertise in the field can get salaries ranging from $120K to $200K per year or more. Their deep knowledge, track record of successful audits, and ability to lead audit teams make them highly sought after and well-compensated.

It's important to remember that these salary numbers are just estimates. They can change because of different factors like experience, where you work, and changes in the blockchain industry.

Experience isn't the only thing that affects how much an auditor can earn. Where you live and work matters too.

Smart Contract Auditor Salary Based on Country

Smart Contract Auditor Salary is also dependent on the Region auditors are based on. Countries like the USA and Singapore may give higher salaries than other countries.

Smart Contract Auditor Salary in the US

Average Salary: $130K

The US has the highest salaries for blockchain smart contract auditing with an average of $130K and can go more than $200K for the Senior Smart Contract Auditors.

Smart Contract Auditor Salary in Europe

Average Salary: $70K

In Europe, smart contract auditor's salaries range between $70K-$100K.

Smart Contract Auditor Salary in India

average smart contract auditor salary in Rupee from glassdoor

Average Salary: ₹10,00,000 or $12K

Entry-level smart contract auditors in India can earn up to ₹7,02,419 per year or $8.5K per year while senior smart contract auditors can earn up to ₹12L per year or $14K per year.

Different regions can result in a significant salary gap for smart contract auditors, ranging from $10K to $200K annually.

Additional Income Options for Smart Contract Auditors

While a regular job can offer different salaries based on the auditor's experience and where they live, there are other ways for smart contract auditors to make money as well. These include:

Let's go into more detail and understand more about each of these options.

Blockchain Auditor Salary as Competitive Auditor

In competitive smart contract auditing, thousands of independent auditors work at the same time to check a smart contract's security and reliability. This competitive approach creates a positive setting where auditors can show off their skills.

Auditors aim to find weaknesses and inefficiencies in the code, and their goal is to produce a detailed report. Platforms like CodeHawks and CodeArena compensate auditors based on the issues they uncover.

The earnings from these competitive auditing depend mainly on the severity of the vulnerability the auditor finds.

Severity Levels of the Vulnerability Findings

In competitive auditing, how much auditors earn depends on how serious the vulnerabilities they find are and if the vulnerabilities are uniquely found by one or multiple auditors. These vulnerabilities are categorized as critical, high, medium, or low severity (sometimes even GAS and Q/A).

The pay for finding these issues can range from $0.1 to $500K.

Average smart contract security bounty prize pools


Auditors who find critical or high-severity issues get paid a lot more than those who find medium or low-severity issues. So, the more serious the problem they find, the more money they can make.

codehawks smart contract auditors leaderboard

CodeHawks is a top platform for competitive smart contract auditing, where auditors can participate and earn rewards. To date, multiple auditors have earned over $1000 through competitive auditing. But that's not the only way to earn. Many auditors choose to work independently, setting their own fees and terms.

Smart Contract Auditor Salaries as Solo Auditors

Being a solo smart contract auditor offers another rewarding opportunity for professionals in this area. The earnings as a solo auditor depends on several important factors:

1. Experience Level

The more experienced an auditor is, the higher the fees they can charge. A senior auditor with a proven track record can easily charge premium rates for their services

2. Skill Set

If you want to become a smart contract auditor, you'll need specialized skills, such as proficiency in multiple programming languages or expertise in certain types of vulnerabilities, can also increase an auditor's earning potential.

Luckily, Cyfrin Updraft offers the ultimate smart contract security and auditing course, completely for free! 

3. Complexity of the Codebase

The more complex a smart contract is, the more time and effort it will take to audit. Auditors often charge higher fees for projects that require a deep level of analysis due to their complexity.

4. Time Allotted

The timeframe for completing the audit can also impact earnings. Urgent audits that require quick turnarounds may command higher fees.

Source: Pashov

Earnings can differ widely among auditors. For example, a senior solo security auditor can easily make more than $10K per month.

Each auditor sets their own fees based on various factors like experience and skill set.

No matter the path — be it corporate employment, competitive auditing, or solo work, the opportunities in smart contract auditing are abundant.


In this article you've seen the average smart contract auditor salary, and what drives higher and lower salaries. Smart contract auditors are essential for making smart contracts secure and reliable. As blockchain technology gains more traction, the need for skilled auditors is only going to increase, offering a wealth of opportunities in the field.

If you have the right skills and dedication, you can earn a substantial income while also making a meaningful impact on the blockchain industry.

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